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MCA approves changes to IYT courses

International Yacht Training continues to strive for excellence in keeping with the company's vision for constant improvement within the professional and recreational yachting industry.

The following changes incorporate the need to work closely with the internationally accepted terminology used by the "STCW Convention". These changes help to differenciate IYT from other recreational boating organisations that use terminology such as "Offshore "and "Ocean" which are not found in the STCW convention.

Effective January 1st 2009

1. The IYT Master of Yachts Coastal certificate will be renamed, "Mate 200 gt" with the subscript "Master of Yachts Coastal".

2. The Master of Yachts Offshore will be renamed "Master of Yachts, 200gt, Limited" with
subscript that this is limited to a geographical area, i.e. 150 nautical miles from a safe haven.

3. The Master of Yachts Ocean will be renamed "Master of Yachts, 200gt, Unlimited"
with the subscript that there are no geographical limitations (i.e. for use on all oceans).

4. We will be removing the "Power" Endorsement on all three Master of Yachts certificates. The assumption will be that all certificates will refer to power driven vessels unless the candidate has completed a sail "endorsement" by completing an additional "sail" examination. In this instance the certificate will list a "sail" endorsement. This will mirror the way the MCA issue their Certificates of Competency with no indication of Power/Sail on the certificate.

5. The Master of Yachts "Unlimited" course will now include a written examination on the celestial syllabus, plus a two hour passage plan to be prepared under examination conditions in the classroom on the last, (6th) day of the course.

Sights will be taken by all candidates during the course and reduced as part of their assessment. It is agreed that should the weather not allow this to happen, sights taken by the school instructor will be reduced and the candidates will be given practical sextant handling using either vertical or horizontal angles. It will no longer be necessary for students to submit sights taken on a 600 mile ocean passage to complete their certification.

*The MCA refers to the British "Maritime and Coastguard Agency".